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  • I was impressed by the fast turnaround, especially as I had been waiting almost three months for an order from a different company.

    Barbara from Massachusetts
  • Please pass on my compliments to her; she was extremely nice and very helpful…. Thanks again for your speedy reply and your help.

    Rachel from Wisconsin
  • Thanks for the nice response. I should have known that VisABILITY was grounded in the fine art of nonprofits. You have a quality organization.

    Molly from Texas
  • The T-shirts were great! Thank you so much for being so prompt with the delivery.

    Kathleen from Nevada
  • In my perfect pledge drive world, our premiums would be All VisABILITY. All the time!

    Katherine from North Carolina
  • Betzy, I love the sample. Onward!

    Joanne from North Carolina
  • We got the totes shipment. They look great. I am already having to guard them….

    Diana from Colorado
  • Thanks for all your help. I just love working with VisABILITY.

    Heather from Minnesota
  • Thanks for your help. You are a pleasure to work with.

    Lindsey from New Hampshire
  • I learned about you from John Burke’s Nonprofit Branding Blog. We want to use you to help us launch our new brand.

    Diana from Colorado
  • *Thank You* for the courteous, helpful way you quickly replied, in just a twinkle of time.

    John from Alaska
  • You have great service as well. I am talking with two other vendors. Without a doubt, you guys are the best.

    Diana from Colorado
  • I very much appreciate the hand-holding and assistance.. …Pat yourself on the back for me. Better yet, show this to the boss (unless you are he…)

    John from Alaska
  • I have to say, its incredibly nice to have you guys at the other end.

    Doug from Massachusetts
  • Thanks, Janice. Your customer service types are awesome.

    Gloria from New Hampshire
  • I’ve enjoyed working with you and the rest of the staff at VisABILITY. Thank you for all your help over the years.

    Lynn from Michigan
  • Please don’t hate me… They are kick butt gorgeous. Could we up our order to 400?

    Deborah from Maryland
  • Thank you so much for catching my error. What great customer service!

    Joanna from California
  • I will try not to change the count again… But it is VisABILITY’s fault for doing such a great job!

    Deborah from Maryland
  • Thank you – and Janice! You guys have been great to work with – so many orders to keep track of, etc. So again, THANK YOU!

    Betsy from Texas
  • If I could reach through this internet connection, I’d give you a big kiss (with my wife’s permission, of course)!

    Bryan from Utah
  • I really appreciate the way you handled this order to get it expedited. …We will continue to use your services in the future.

    Bryan from Utah
  • VisABILITY rocks!

    Kevin from Kansas
  • …thank you for your expedient follow-up to our request. It’s good to see that there are still people out there who take personal contact seriously.

    Tammy from Ohio
  • Thanks! You folks always outdo yourselves.

    Zane from Tennessee
  • … a big hearty Thank You!  I always have great service from VisABILITY and I will continue to sing your praises.

    Bryan from Utah
  • It is gorgeous! Thanks! What great service.

    Katherine from North Carolina
  • I am duly impressed. …and you shipped it the same day. WOW! Thanks!

    Patricia from Pennsylvania
  • Thank you so much for such great, prompt service.

    Mary from Indiana
  • They looked GREAT and look like they were packed very well! We are very excited about giving these out.

    Jennifer from New York
  • Please pass along my note to all your great staff: wishing everyone lots of wonderful holiday cheer. You guys are really the best!! Yay!

    Ken from Illinois
  • I would highly recommend VisABILITY at – the staff is wonderful to work with.

    Ford from New Mexico
  • You’re a saint. This helps tremendously. The April fundraiser is breathing down my neck. You just provided a quick cool breeze. THANK YOU!

    Kevin from Georgia
  • Wahoo! Thank you, Susan! You guys provide excellent service for our donors who want a multitude of VisABILITY gifts.

    Debbie from South Carolina
  • Thanks so much for taking the time to do this for our contributor. Just something else to impress me about VisABILITY!

    Bobbe from Arizona
  • Thanks for your understanding. It’s always a pleasure to interact with anyone and everyone at VisABILITY.

    Dianne from Iowa
  • As usual, you rock! Thanks so much.

    Regina from North Carolina
  • Thank you folks for all you do for our radio stations across the country.

    Debbie from South Carolina
  • You guys have done an excellent job once again.

    Jose from Florida
  • I am impressed with your response to the situation. Thanks. Car Talk and VisABILITY are great. They do NPR proud!

    Gary from Iowa
  • Thanks again for all your colleagues’ help with this project. Your customer service has truly been fabulous. So has your patience.

    Janice from Connecticut
  • I just heard from the boss that you guys will handle all our promotional products. YEA! Now everything will go more smoothly.

    Betsy from Texas
  • Your customer service types are awesome!

    Gloria from New Hampshire
  • I also wanted to thank you for your assistance… It is truly a pleasure to work with such a reliable organization.

    Joyce from Ohio
  • VisABILITY has been the BEST vendor I have ever worked with. When I get my next job I’d really love to work with you guys again.

    Jennifer from Ohio
  • It has been a real delight to work with you all and I appreciate that the relationship is more than just business.

    Jeanne from California
  • I appreciate VisABILITY!!!!!!! You all make my job so much easier.

    Brenda from Florida
  • I love calling VisABILITY….each of you are friendly, helpful and delightful. Thank you for being there!

    Linda from Washington
  • Thanks so much for the sample! I just received it. The boss is quite impressed. Thank you again!

    Ingrid from Florida
  • I could not be more pleased (and certain) that I selected the best vendor to work with to help me develop a quality product.

    Bonnie from Michigan
  • People who write well are so sexy. That drew me to you guys in the first place – after reading your reply to my inquiry to Car Talk.

    Kevin from California
  • Fabulous email… no one could read that and not instantly know that you are zealous about what you do. Thank you.

    Kevin from California
  • I learned about you from John Burke’s Nonprofit Branding Blog through the Colorado Nonprofit Association list serve.

    Diana from Colorado
  • Thank you for sharing these (video blog) inks. I could spend hours listening to you (on I’ll definitely keep tuning in.

    Heidi from Colorado
  • We really appreciate VisABILITY working with us and know that our donors are in good hands.

    Renne from Texas
  • I have worked with two other vendors (oh, the joys of nonprofit business). Without a doubt, you guys are the best.

    Diana from Colorado
  • Thanks, Betzy. I really appreciate this fast turnaround on this stuff you’ve been doing for us. You’re terrific!

    Diane from Virginia
  • Janice – you are terrific! Thanks for the quick response, and for looking out for our interests.

    Joyce from Washington, DC
  • Some of the blog posts relating to cost, impact and use of promotional items were helpful. We want you to help us launch our new brand.

    Diana from Colorado
  • I want to take a moment to comment on how impressed I am with your response to the situation. Thanks. Car Talk and VisABILITY are great. They do NPR proud!

    Gary from Iowa
  • Excellent. Thanks. You guys are so great to deal with. I’ve been fighting with our office supply company (Staples) for two weeks over an order. It has been wrong 3 times in a row – the same way every time. I’m ready to pull my hair out. Contrasting that with dealing with VisABILITY highlights how quick, cheerful, efficient and reliable y’all are. Thank you SO much.

    Casey from Oklahoma
  • Thank you, and all the VisABILITY staff, for the beautiful flowers. They came just in time for our celebration for finally becoming a listener-supported station. Thank you especially for all your help with our totebags, too. You’re the best!

    Mercedes from Washington
  • I can hardly wait for the meeting on Monday to share with the committee your idea. …. VisABILITY is committed to helping nonprofits…. Your dedication to the importance of fundraising to sustain organizations across the country is also appreciated by the local community.

    Ludie from Colorado
  • I never doubted that you guys would make it right! It is nice to work with an organization that is a class act. You have developed a great deal of trust with your clients. And that is worth even more than dollars and cents.

    Duane from Oregon
  • This note is long overdue. We’ve just sent out the last batch of Swiss Army Knives in personalized mailings to targeted prospects. By all accounts the knives are a huge success! Thank you to VisABILITY for bringing this project in on budget and ahead of schedule. Everyone in your office has been terrific.

    Mark from Minnesota
  • It is a pleasant change to work with professionals who have as much insight into the situation as you have. Thank you for going out of your way to assist me with this endeavor and for doing everything possible to make this a great mug.

    Bonnie from Michigan
  • Again, I want to thank you for all your help. I’ve never had to do this end of the “biz” before. You have made it easy and stress free. It really means a lot to know there are trust worthy people out there, who want to help others do a good job. You’re the best.

    Joe from Florida
  • Thank you all for handling what seemed to be such a disappointing situation, so professionally. When I’m asked what company I would recommend for items like this, VisABILITY will always get my highest praise. This is what customer service is all about!

    Jeff from Colorado
  • Very nice Job! We realize that VisABILITY didn’t have any direct impact on the original bags. But you all sure stepped up to the plate and indeed moved that mountain as you said you would. Kudos to you all! We will have a good weekend knowing that we will have a nice award for our employees on Tuesday!

    Tonya from Colorado
  • I have enjoyed talking with you and the other VisABILITY folks. If the quality of your service matches the quality of the advice I received in those phone calls, there is no doubt we are beginning a long, mutually beneficial relationship.

    Marie-Jeanne from Louisiana
  • I just received your “Magalog III and love it. The reason? I am using “Don’t Waste Money on Premiums – A Seminar in Print” as part of my staff training program. Please send me “John’s Opus” and any other articles that are available.

    Lynn from Michigan
  • The conference was a success! Thank you so much for all you work on this. The giveaways looked amazing on our table. People loved them. I’m pretty confident that almost 90% of attendees left Albuquerque with one! Hope to continue working with VisABILITY in the near future.

    Natalia from NYC
  • I wanted to thank you for your assistance and further efforts to make this happen. Everyone (including myself) loved the giveaways and the conference was all a success! I will be looking forward to work with you in the future. With lots of gratitude, Barbara

    Barbara from NYC
  • Thank you so much for the gracious attentiveness and personal service you have always provided that has made my job so easy and working with your company such a delight.

    Alan from Texas
  • Perfect! Yes, you have everything just right! That is great news on the turnaround time. A thousand thanks to you and your great shirt folks.

    Katherine from North Carolina
  • We were showing the pre-production sample to our staff meeting this morning. Everybody loves them and we can’t wait to give them out at our event.

    Paula from Oklahoma



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